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Welcome to join Foshan Nanhai Naidi Metal Products Factory
Aluminum heater for a perm machine
廠家自營 正品保證 18個月/3萬公里質保 線下安裝

Place of delivery: Sichuan Chengdu City

Freight: Mail

Origin: Zhejiang, China

Car year: 2009-2014 Corus three 1.6L



Product Details

This product adopts three high brightness LED, with strong brightness and long service life. No charge is needed. After using electricity, you can continue to use it directly in the sun. High performance solar panels are highly efficient and fast charging. The engineering plastic shell is portable, strong and durable. The design of the mouth is round, and the light is more concentrated. The seal and rain proof design can be used in the outdoor environment. It is a good companion for mountaineering, camping, hiking and other outdoor activities. Usually at home, it is also used for reading, repairing, and preventing power failure. One thing can be used for many purposes. It can be a good gift. It can be carried with small tools, cheap and fine, with excellent appearance.

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